Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're off!!!

I'm late posting these. These pictures are from the fair on 10/25/08
Bridget (why do my kids always pose?)
Tessa and Jess at the petting zoo

Emily and Hannah after their performance (yes, there's that pose).

We'll tomorrow we are off to Chino to visit my parents and we are also going to Disneyland for 5 days. That's the longest we have ever gone. Usually we just do 1 day at Disneyland and one day at CA Adventure. I hope we survive! Hannah and Emily are dancing there on Saturday so it should be really fun for them. They love to perform and really are talented (they didn't get it from me). I've had a busy couple of weeks with Bridget and Dr's appts. I've been to the Dr. with her 8 times in just over 2 weeks and she's had a ton of tests done. The 1st thing was for an abcess that ended up being MRSA. And then she had a fever that lasted 6 days and so the dr. wanted to run a bunch of tests to make sure it isn't anything serious. We just got back from getting an echocardiogram and I hope that's the last of it. She's doing really well right now, so I'm not worried. The test today was just a precaution. Well I'm off to do laundry so I can start packing. UGH!! Packing is the worst part of any trip!


Carolee said...

Briggys pose is the best!!

If you think you all are having a good time just think that it could have been even better if we were there:)

Stacy said...

Just in time for the fires...too bad!

Lish said...

I love Bridget's poses too. They are hilarious! Her dance on Candice's blog is ab Fab!

Cara Fish said...

Did you used to pose when you were a girl?

Marque and Sarah said...

I hope Bridget is okay.

I think you are crazy to go to Disneyland for five days!!!

Tell your parents I said hello.

Tonja said...

Hi Melissa, just wanted to say hi. I'm sure you had a good time visiting Cali. How was Disneyland? I'm sure you were exhaused. I know I would be... Anyway, I hope Bridget is okay...?

Athack77 said...

We're heading to Etna on Monday and will be there until the 30th. Will you guys be there too? it would be fun to get together.

Marcy said...

Melissa - you are the winner of my Sandra Lee Cookbook Giveaway. You have until Friday, Jan. 30th to claim your prize. Pls email me: stretching a buck at g mail


coffeeSeed said...

hi i wanna give u smile and hope u get all the best in ur life..
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Rachel A said...

Hey, want to talk about the couponing thing but I don't have your email.
email me!!

Erin said...

Cute family! I hope you don't mind I came over to 'meet' you! Thanks for visiting The Sisters Cafe! :)
~ Erin (one of the sisters)