Sunday, November 18, 2007

My New CAR!!!

Okay, I got a new (used) car last night and I tried to upload a picture of it that I got off of the internet and it took me forever and it didn't work. I'm really not computer literate. You'll just have to look it up yourself, but I'm sure you know what it looks like. It is a 2007 Honda Odyssey. Now for the story...
I've looked a little here and there for a new car for a few months, but nothing serious because my current car is fine, but I like to look on line. Anyway, on tuesday I saw a 2007 odyssey- totally loaded with leather and everything and under 7000 miles listed for 24,500. I thought it was too good to be true because those things typically cost around 30k and peopl just don't sell them when they're that new. Anyway, I called the # just to see and talked to a guy who said that he was helping his aunt sell her car because she needed to close escrow on her house by friday and needed the cash. I asked him what was wrong with the car and he said nothing, it's just that she's a "cat lady" and that's why she's having to move. Anyway, he said that someone already had put a deposit on the car and had it inspected by honda and he thought that he'd buy it, but if he didn't then he'd call us. To my surprise he called later that night and said we could come look if we wanted. I guess the other guy didn't want it afterall because his wife heard about the cat thing and without even looking or smelling said no way.
On wed afternoon Jess and I drove to goodyear because I was hoping that the smell wasn't that bad. Well, it was. The car was perfect and if looks brand new, but the smell.... Jess quickly drove it and I didn't even bother because I knew I didn't want to pay that much for a stinky car. (the guy said that 24,500 was her bottom # because if whe didn't sell it then she'd refinance it). Anyway, after we went home Jess called the guy and offered 22k because he figured if he'd get a good deal we could pay to have the inside redone- new carpet etc- and then we'd still be ahead. The guy said no and we thought that was that.
Well, to make a long story even longer...
On friday afternoon about 2pm the guy called Jess and said that the refinance of the car didn't go through and that if we wanted it for 22k we could have it, but we needed to do it by 5pm so that she could close escrow. Talk about stress. Jess told him that we could only come up with 20k last minute like that and the guy said, I can't tell my aunt that. What about 21k. Jess said, "I'll try to come up with that but I don't think I can" and the guy just said get as close as you can. Anyway, we were totally scrambling to get the money together that quick because it's impossible to get a loan in 3 hours. Anyway, I called the guy and told him that Jess was getting a cashiers check made for 20,200 and I had a little cash in my wallet and that's all we could do and he said okay.
So we get to the bank and go to exchange the money and his aunt is all surprised at the amount (20,300) because she thought we were bringing 21k. Anyway, supposidly the guy thought I said that the check would be 20200 and we would bring the rest in cash. That's his story, and we are giving him the benefit of the doubt, but I know he knows what happened. I think he just thought his aunt wouldn't care (BTW he's her mortgage broker so he has a vested interest in the escrow closing) Jess didn't want to budge, but I felt so sorry for the lady that I told him we should just pay the rest (we did have to negotiate to pay the other 700 next month because we are broke!) Okay, so that's the story of how we got a good deal. Basically she was in distress and her car stunk, so we got a good deal (she just paid 35k for it in march- crazy)
So heres her story...
She used to run a cat rescue in Florida and would rescue, nurse back to health and then adopt out cats. But there were some 50+ cats over the years that weren't adoptable (meaning diseased and old) that she has kept. In January she moved to AZ and bought a house in Goodyear for her and her 50+ cats. come to find out Goodyear has a city ordinance that only allows 4 pets per household and she has been being fined 600 a month for breaking the ordinance. So she decided that rather than get rid of the cats they need to find a new home in Phoenix where there is no ordinance. She thought ex husband and kids would help her out financially to get into the new house, but they backed out at the last minute because they think that if she didn't get another house that she would get rid of the cats. Wrong- she decides to sell her only car to get the money. That's were we came in. So, this lady is losing 14k on a car she just bought 8 months ago, having to buy a new house (while knowing that the house she bought last january probably won't sell) and she and her 50+ cats are going to be moving. She spends $150 a week just for cat food and kitty litter. That doesn't count the vet bills and medications for the cats. Isn't that just crazy? I don't spend that kind of money on my kids. The saddest part for us is that she was crying when we bought her car because now she is carless and because she loved that car. I felt so bad for her because I'm sure she doesn't think like the rest of us (just get rid of the cats). She thinks that this is her only option because she loves those cats so much.
Now back to the smell...
I'm sure you are all wondering why I'm up so late- well, I've been on the internet researching how to get rid of cat smell. It's not going to be easy, but I want it done right because I'll be so sad if my new car always has lingering cat odor even after we replace everything. Any suggestions?
The sad part about this is that I'm not that excited about this new car (smell aside). I'm wondering if I should just keep my old one. I like it more than I realized because it's just so roomy inside. The only thing it's lacking is cargo space. Well, I better stop rambling and go to bed, but if anyone has suggestions- please help.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

This is for Candice

Candice keeps asking for me to post these. She came over the other night and put bridget's "stephanie from Lazytown" wig on Tessa. She kept making her put the wig on and it was annoying Tessa after awhile. She would shiver as the hair touched her. It was pretty funny.

Monday, November 5, 2007

What can I say...?

Today when I got out of the shower I saw that Bridget had been playing in my room and I had a nice mess of toys and fish crackers spread thoughout my floor. I said, "Bridget, you need to clean up all those fishies on the ground. That's not where they belong." Her reply was, "They are for my dog." (She only has stuffed animal dogs- no real pets here) I said, "Bridget, I really need you to clean those up and put them in a bowl for your dog because I might accidently step on them if they are all over the floor." Without missing a beat she said, " That's okay if you step on them, my dog likes crumbs."

So, what am I supposed to say to that?