Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Okay, so for the past few weeks I've been using coupons to shop and I have to say that it really makes a difference. My neighbor told me that she started using coupons and cut $400 from her grocery bill by doing it. I'm not hard core by any means, but I do try to match the coupons I have with sales and I can't believe the difference in my grocery bill. Tonight I went to Albertsons and Fry's and between the 2 stores spent $30 plus change. I got the above items:
3 pkgs Dan Active,
3 pkgs activia,
4 cartons sour cream,
4 pkgs cream cheese,
1 easy mac,
2 pkgs frozen veggies,
8 boxes lean pockets,
2 pkgs cookie dough,
2 cartons ice cream,
2 bags lettuce,
24 cans chicken noodle soup,
1 can lays stax,
2 gallons milk,
4 gallons juicy juice.
I have to say that I didn't have coupons for everything ( I got some things just because I needed them right now) and I'm sticking to the rule to only buy what I use and therefore there are a lot of deals that I pass up because I don't need extra "stuff" in my house. (ask anyone who knows me)
I got the majority of my items at Fry's and I have to say I felt a "rush" as I left. This could be addictive!

I've also recently learned to can and I've done pinto beans, green beans and peaches so far. Between the canning, couponing and not having my house cleaners come anymore I think I'm heading for a burn out. What do you think? Which of my new hobbies do you think is going to fizzle the fastest?

I vote for getting the house cleaners back!


Dena said...

Good for you! I'm too lazy of a grocery shopper. The best I do is price match milk and maybe a produce item or two at Wal Mart from another store's add.

Good luck w/o the cleaners. I can never keep my house clean either! I realize it's because we have too much crap, but it's such a pain and makes an even bigger mess to go through it all. Maybe some day I'll have it all together!

Tonja said...

You are so good about getting the deals. That's so cool that you have been canning. I'm all about the house cleaner. Let someone else scrub the toilets!

SuperCoolMom said...

That is awesome! I did coupon sense for about 3 months. Um yeah...

More Power to You!

Jayne said...

you are so smart.

keep up the good work.

Jennifer said...

You've inspired me! I really need to be cutting coupons, especially with 5 children in the house now!

Happily Ever After said...

Wow! I think I need to learn how to coupon!

Rebecca said...

I agree with tonja... you are doing a lot of other work I think you deserve the house-keepers. You can think of the money you are saving at the store will pay them! Good-luck!

Carolee said...

Can you teach me!!

What, you got rid of the house cleaners? Im with everyone else, bring them back!! With all the time you spend clipping coupons and bargain shopping you will not have time to clean:)

Stacy said...

I'll have to catch up on your blog when I'm not so tired (5 a.m.) feeding. Wow 4 little girls and you have time to cut go girl..My husband told me to stop cutting coupons since it takes me 3 hours to shop using them....Catch up with you soon!

Cara Fish said...

Good for you! Hey, I've been saving our Sunday coupons for you if you want them!

Costa Rica Baby! said...

That is awesome!!!

Paying less for the same product is a great high, indeed!

Athack77 said...

Great job!! I don't use coupns because I don't buy a lot of things that they offer, except cleaning supplies. I'm glad you're finding the fun of canning. I will be hopefully doing applesauce this week. I'd love to have the house cleaners back that I used while I was pregant, that was a nice blessing.

andrea.roche said...

Where do u find your coupons?

And don't worry, I promise I'll never post any nudity on my blog. :) haha.

Lish said...

Hey so I wanted to see if I tagged you on my blog if you would actually post something new ;) so check out my blog for the tag.